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CLI app, VS Code extension and Roblox plugin. Argon enables the use of external editors, tools and version control systems. Comes with many useful features that help manage project, maintain code and manipulate instances. Extremely customizable via global config and templates. Ultra fast and well optimized while being easy to use.

GitHub LOC

Simple yet elegant Google Chrome extension that allows you to view repository Lines Of Code with an option to exclude selected languages. Clicking on the stat will take you to the ghloc.vercel.app page with even more LOC details.


Lua Universal Negation Operator – ultra compact VSC extension (about 20 lines) that allows you to use exclamation mark as a negation operator in Lua or Luau. LUNO converts != to ~= as you type so there is no need to set up any additional stuff.

Spotify SA

Spotify Spatial Audio is simple macOS app that takes advantage of Spotify’s web API to make use of spatial audio on your supported AirPods possible directly from the Spotify app. Currently spatial audio on macOS is only supported by Safari thus SSA simply creates new hidden window and switches playback to web player.


Well, every developer needs their own site, right? So here is mine! As you can see priorates were monochrome color scheme and simplicity. Those mysterious squares close to the GitHub logo are my contribution this year. Try resizing the window to see some magic happen! Also, this page has 100% score in every Google Lighthouse category.

Universal Comments

Simple Visual Studio Code extension that allows you to use same comment characters in every major language. It also allows to customize your experience by auto closing comment block or by adding spaces automatically.


Lightweight Roblox Studio plugin for camera bookmarks. It’s exact replica of Unreal Engine’s camera checkpoints. It allows you to save up to 10 camera location and then teleport to them either by keyboard shortcut or using UI.